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Live Performance with Ableton Live

If you're looking to take Ableton onstage, this course is a game changer! The lessons cover everything needed to go from beginner to advanced including clip launching, MIDI mapping and control, live effect processing, arrangement performance, live instruments, syncing, audio interfaces, live looping using two different approaches, presetting, follow actions, dummy clips, world building and more! Whether you're a solo act or part of a band, you'll be well prepared with this massive training.

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You will Learn

Multiple Ableton Performance Set Styles
MIDI Control and Control Surfaces
Various Sync Tactics for Solo and Band Artists
Loudness and Gain Staging for Live Musicians
Hardware Setup and Guidance
Live Effect Processing and Instrumentation
Various Live Looping Approaches
Dummy Clips and Automation

You will Get

Video lessons with 20+ hours of content
An organized and optimized curriculum
Mentorship via the Seed to Stage private Discord Server
Feedback on your compositions through the community
Loads of resources such as Samples and Ableton Templates
Educational discounts from Ableton & more
Lifetime access to continuous new content updated monthly
Lasting skills that will ignite and elevate your career!

Course Curriculum

Free Preview Lessons

6.4 Latency for Live Musicians (16:39)
8.6 Clip Looping 5: Parameter Looping with Automation Arm (8:25)
10.1 Follow Actions 1: Basics (10:19)

2 - Live Set Style 1: Full Mix Clip Launching

2.1 Audio Clip Launching (17:14)
2.2 Clip Progressions (8:08)
2.3 Syncing BPM Based Music to Ableton Live (11:36)
2.3 Syncing BPM Based Music to Ableton Live (11:36)
2.4 Syncing Non BPM Based Music to Ableton Live (9:54)
2.5 Audio Warping Algorithms (16:20)
2.6 Dual "Deck" DJing & the Crossfader (19:48)

3 - MIDI Control: 101 The Basics

3.1 Why You Need a Midi Controller (7:28)
3.2 A Wide World of Controllers (18:22)
3.3 Midi Connections (7:30)
3.4 Midi Mapping vs Control Surfaces (8:21)
3.5 Midi Channel Messages: Notes & Continuous Control (CC) (9:17)
3.6 Basic Midi Mapping (19:18)
3.7 Key Mapping - The Midi Controller We All Have (8:23)
3.8 Control Surfaces: Instant Mappings and the Blue Hand (13:20)
3.9 Installing External Control Surfaces (5:39)

4 - Live Effects & Audio Effect Rack

4.1 Inserts: Effects in Tracks (9:10)
4.2 Ableton Racks Intro (7:43)
4.3 Audio Effect Rack 1: Macros (12:08)
4.4 Audio Effect Rack 2: Macro Variations (10:42)
4.5 Audio Effect Rack 3: The Chain List (11:40)
4.6 Multi Effect Macros with the Chain Selector (5:53)
4.7 Send and Return Effects (11:05)
4.8 Limiting and Loudness for Live Performers (17:43)
4.9 Master Track Effect Rack (21:03)

5 - Live Set Style 2: Linear Arrangement 101

5.1 Arrangement View for Live Performances (4:14)
5.2 BPM Sync'd Transitions (18:26)
5.3 Designer Transitions (11:39)
5.4 Markers & Arrangement Looper V2 (14:01)

6 - Live Performance with Midi & Real Instruments

6.1 Using Tracks As Effect Presets (8:15)
6.2 One Track Multi-Effects w/ Dummy Clips (13:12)
6.3 One Track Multi Effects w/ Macro Variations (9:49)
6.4 Latency for Live Musicians (16:39)
6.5 Live Midi Instrument Routing (7:17)
6.6 Ableton Instrument Racks (7:21)
6.7 Midi Instrument Rack Macros (8:01)
6.8 Midi Instrument Rackception (12:05)
6.9 Midi Instrument Automation in Live Sets (7:46)
6.10 Drum Rack Basics (7:28)
6.11 Drum Rack Extras (9:17)

7 - Time Sync, Audio Interfaces, and Routing

7.1 Internal Routing within Ableton (13:04)
7.2 The Cue Track (14:42)
7.3 The Ins and Outs of Choosing an Audio Interface (18:00)
7.4 Configuring Interfaces 101: Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 (14:09)
7.5 Configuring Interfaces 102: MOTU Ultralite mk5 (11:43)
7.6 Syncing and Submixing for Bandmates (10:35)
7.7 Sending Bandmates Voice Instructions (7:11)
7.8 Midi Sync for External Gear (18:26)
7.9 MIDI Sync Issues and Solutions (18:19)
7.10 Using External Midi Instruments (13:48)
7.11 Ableton Link (7:22)

8 - Live Looping - Clip Looping

8.1 Live Looping for EVERYONE (1:57)
8.2 Clip Looping 1: Midi Instruments (10:17)
8.3 Clip Looping 2: Scene Parts and Record Quantization (6:35)
8.4 Clip Looping 3: Overdubbing and Midi vs Audio (7:14)
8.5 Clip Looping 4: Audio Input Effects (6:18)
8.6 Clip Looping 5: Parameter Looping with Automation Arm (8:25)
8.7 Clip Looping 6: "New" Clip (6:38)
8.8 Clip Looping 7: "Deleting" and Navigating a Clip Loop Set (9:09)
8.9 Clip Looping 8: Clip Looping with Ableton Push 2 (10:34)
8.10 Clip Looping 9: Scene Launch Recording Technique (5:22)
8.11 Clip Looping 10: Closing the Loop with Clip Length 2.0 (3:20)

9 - Live Looping - Ableton Looper

9.1 Ableton Looper 1: Multipurpose Transport Button (8:43)
9.2 Ableton Looper 2: Deep Dive (19:40)
9.3 Ableton Looper 3: Part A and B Method (8:31)
9.4 Ableton Looper 4: Multi Part Return Rack (13:21)
9.5 Ableton Looper 5: Looper Insert (14:12)
9.6 Ableton Looper vs Clip Looping (6:31)

10 - Clip Ninjas: Follow Actions & Stem Mixing

10.1 Follow Actions 1: Basics (10:19)
10.2 Follow Actions 2: Chance and Clip Slicing (8:33)
10.3 Follow Actions 3: Scene Actions (10:06)
10.4 Clip Performance & and Global Follow Actions (8:53)
10.5 Set Style 3: Stem Mixing & Performance Sections (10:09)
10.6 Set Style 3: Exporting for a Stem Set (6:30)
10.7 Set Style 3: Loudness and Magnus Mk2 Limiter (9:54)

11 - Clip Ninjas 2: The Power of the Launch

11.1 Automation Dummy Clips Part 1 (13:01)
11.2 Automation Dummy Clips Part 2 (9:13)
11.3 Clip Modulation (13:26)
11.4 Legato and Unlinked Clips Part 1 (7:26)
11.5 Legato and Unlinked Clips Part 2 (13:18)

12 - Presetting the Universe

12.1 Presetting Intro (1:02)
12.2 Midi Program Change (10:31)
12.3 One Drum Rack to Rule them All (10:38)
12.4 One Drum Rack to Rule Them All 2 (10:24)
12.5 Sample Presetting & Remote Midi Control (14:01)

13 - World Building and Stage Prep

13.1 World Building 1: Papadosio World Show & Tell (14:37)
13.2 World Building 2: Papadosio World Teardown (13:12)
13.3 World Building 3: Device Arrangement Logic (14:21)
13.4 Live Papadosio Rig Q and A (95:55)
13.5 Live Set Optimization (12:23)
13.6 General Tips for Stage Survival (10:39)

14 - Tablet Interface Design & MIDI Deep Dive

14.1 Touch OSC: Roll Your Own Midi Controller on Your Phone?! (6:00)
14.2 TouchOSC: Connecting (3:51)
14.3 TouchOSC: Basic Interface Design (9:33)
14.3 TouchOSC: Basic Interface Design (9:33)
14.4 TouchOSC: Organization w/ Group, Pager, and Labels (12:55)
14.5 TouchOSC: Files and Examples (6:14)
14.6 Touchable Pro: A Tablet Control Surface! (20:07)

15 - ClyphX - Make Ableton do...Anything?

15.1 ClyphX Intro (12:55)
15.2 Clyph X Workflow: Example X-Clip Looping Set (24:31)
15.3 Clyph X Snaps! (10:15)
15.4 ClyphX X-Triggers: X-Cues, X-Scenes, & X-Controls (14:50)


Both [the Live Performance & Pigments courses] are very thorough & go into great detail, covering basically anything you need to know. The information is well presented, & the videos don't get boring.
August, 2023
christopher gilbert
Christopher Gilbert
..lessons are clear and well-defined, and everything is demonstrated in a musical context, so I've been enjoying learning because every lesson I complete gives me something new I can use.
Rise Bailey Rise
I love the Seed to Stage courses. So much good quality information, presented in a clear understandable way with great real world examples.
July, 2023
Cody Lucas
[Before Seed To Seed], I had been feeling stuck on a plateau with my ability to produce the music in my head, and I have felt a renewed inspiration and excitement for doing something I love.
July, 2023
..if you are looking for the quickest way to get the learning out of the way and have the absolute time of your life creating music, feel the stoke and jump right in, you've found the right place.
Anthony has an effective teaching style and a knack for explaining complex topics in an easily digestible manner. Expensive, but worth every penny.
Incredible teacher and methodology. Directly to the useful tips without circling around. Very interactive and useful for all types of artists.
July, 2023
simon lahaie
Simon Lahaie
Best in depth Ableton courses out there! No doubt. Anthony really is an amazing teacher. He has a way of teaching that makes things much less complicated than they seem to be.
I bought the Live Performance and Arturia Pigments course and I really enjoyed both! They are very thorough and the information is presented in an engaging way so it doesn't get boring.
I started with the Ableton Live performance course and got hooked. Anthonys way of teaching totally resonates with how i understand things.
July, 2023
Echo Whiskey
Great teaching style, well laid out and downright INSPIRING!
July, 2023
..buckle in, buy the Mixing and Mastering course, watch a video every couple days, try to implement what you’ve learned, and you will be astonished at how much better your mixes will be sounding.
August, 2023
hunter wiley
Hunter Wiley
Anthony's teaching approach gave me a sense of autonomy, creativity and confidence in my music making -- instead of the typical dogmatic approach of blindly following tutorials step-by-step.
The video material is HIGH QUALITY, everything is taught in an order that makes perfect sense, and the Discord community IS SO HELPFUL (plus Anthony is just as active as all the regular members)!
joshua nelson
Joshua Nelson
The information I get is legit, and the instructor covers everything I’ll need to know about my craft. The lessons are concise and well thought out so I can learn most proficiently.
Not only does [the songwriting course] provide an extensive & thorough understanding of Ableton, but also includes music theory and numerous other musical concepts akin to a classical music training.
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