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Synthesis Mastery with Arturia Pigments

Go from zero to hero with this in-depth course on Arturia's incredible software synthesizer Pigments. The course contains a comprehensive technical deep dive into all the instrument's parameters and synthesis engines including Analog, Wavetable, Sample, and Harmonic.

Included is a Sound Design Sessions section in which various types of presets are created from scratch. You'll also receive a pack of 64 presets that makes full use of the "Sound Design Tips" feature highlighting specific parameters so you can easily deconstruct finalized presets and learn how they work. Learn to create your own presets following our video tutorials and creative tips using this great synth for unlimited creative possibilities!

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You will Learn

The music production skills to create any sound you can imagine
How to engage with Pigment's unique sound engines, effects section, sequencer/arpeggiator, and how to control it all with MIDI
Workflows and tactics for creating various types of sounds such as basses, leads, keys, pads, sound effects and more
A supplemental pack of 64 presets complete with Pigment's unique "Sound Design Tips" notes in each
A comprehensive modern approach to creating original and compelling instruments for your music
Advanced techniques for additive synthesis, granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, and more

You will Get

Over 30 technical video tutorial lessons with 10+ hours of content
50% off Arturia Pigments via their EDU program
64 Custom Presets you can deconstruct and learn from
A chronological and optimized curriculum of lessons for intuitive learning
Lifetime access to continuous new content updated monthly
Lasting skills that will ignite and elevate your career!

Course Curriculum

Free Preview Lessons

1.10 Pigments Wavetable Engine Modulation
1.17 Pigments FX Modulation Tips and Tricks
2.2 Creating Keys

Pigments Technical Lessons

1.1 Pigments Orientation (7:45)
1.2 Signal Flow and Structure (2:55)
1.3 Pigments Analog Engine (20:38)
1.4 Pigments Filtering Basics (11:48)
1.5 Pigments Filter Types (19:34)
1.6 Pigments Envelope VCA (8:43)
1.7 Envelope Modulation (11:48)
1.8 Pigments LFOs (11:33)
1.9 Pigments Wavetable Engine (7:08)
1.10 Pigments Wavetable Engine Modulation (23:25)
1.11 Routing and Utility Engine (18:56)
1.12 Pigments Keyboard Modultion (16:10)
1.13 Pigments FX Routing (7:40)
1.14 Pigments Delays and Reverbs (21:29)
1.15 Pigments Saturation and Compression (25:16)
1.16 Pigments Modulation Filter EQ (16:46)
1.17 Pigments FX Modulation Tips and Tricks (27:44)
1.18 Pigments Sample Engine (16:00)
1.19 Pigments Granular (16:44)
1.20 Pigments Functions (13:19)
1.21 Pigments Random Modulators (19:14)
1.22 Pigments Combinate (14:46)
1.23 Pigments Macros (9:41)
1.24 Pigments Harmonic Engine (14:12)
1.25 Pigments Harmonic Engine Modulation (19:04)
1.26 Pigments Midi Config and Program Change (8:31)
1.27 Pigments Sequencer Arpeggiator (19:25)

Pigments Sound Design Sessions

2.1 The Focused Synthesis Workflow (17:28)
2.2 Creating Keys (27:57)
2.3 Creating Bass (41:04)
2.4 Creating Leads (24:10)


Anthony has an effective teaching style and a knack for explaining complex topics in an easily digestible manner. Expensive, but worth every penny.
Best in the business. I always learn something new from the channel on Youtube, and investing in the courses was well worth it. A gifted communicator and teacher.
..using various DAWS for 20 years, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable on various functions, but doing this course has shown me how many little things you miss when you are self-taught by Youtube.
July, 2023
..if you are looking for the quickest way to get the learning out of the way and have the absolute time of your life creating music, feel the stoke and jump right in, you've found the right place.
I started with the Ableton Live performance course and got hooked. Anthonys way of teaching totally resonates with how i understand things.
July, 2023
..buckle in, buy the Mixing and Mastering course, watch a video every couple days, try to implement what you’ve learned, and you will be astonished at how much better your mixes will be sounding.
August, 2023
Incredible teacher and methodology. Directly to the useful tips without circling around. Very interactive and useful for all types of artists.
July, 2023
Not only does [the songwriting course] provide an extensive & thorough understanding of Ableton, but also includes music theory and numerous other musical concepts akin to a classical music training.
I would recommend the Seed To Stage courses to anyone who desires to get a handle on and up their game with Live.
August, 2023
Paul McM
..Anthony has recently updated and added to the content of all the courses with the new Live version 12 additions. All part of the membership, which also sets S2S apart from the rest.
..the amount of progress I've made since has been amazing looking back. Anthony is an incredible teacher and I always feel great about what I learned at the end of each lesson.
July, 2023
joshua nelson
Joshua Nelson
The information I get is legit, and the instructor covers everything I’ll need to know about my craft. The lessons are concise and well thought out so I can learn most proficiently.
christopher gilbert
Christopher Gilbert
..lessons are clear and well-defined, and everything is demonstrated in a musical context, so I've been enjoying learning because every lesson I complete gives me something new I can use.
Die Kursinhalte sind alle sehr gut aufgebaut werden in einem sinnvollen Lerntempo vermittelt und es kommen nahezu alle Fragen in den Lektionen vor, die sich mir beim Lernen der Inhalte gestellt haben.
July, 2023
circul & eas
Circul & Eas
It may feel like “Why should I spend money on this information when I can get it for free?” I thought that too. The answer, if you want one, is simply: “Because it is better."
The courses gave me the fundamental understanding of how a Ableton Live works, and how I can utilize that in my own production, and in my own career, Seed To Stage gave me that opportunity.
July, 2023
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