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Sound Design and Synthesis in Ableton Live

The most sought after and user requested endeavor: Sound Design and Synthesis with Ableton Live. This beast of a course is jam packed with deep dive tutorials covering every single Ableton Instrument and Device in thorough detail to help you go on beyond presets. Each section also features workflows and practical / actionable synthesis and sound design examples for each device making it the most comprehensive guide for Ableton sound design available on the web.

If you are tired of shuffling through presets and sound samples looking for that perfect sound, why not learn to roll your own sounds with this fun and engaging platform!

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You will Learn

Synthesis 101: basics of using a synthesizer
Working with audio clips, automation, and warping
Modulations, oscillators, filters, samplers, and layering
FX utilization with phasers, flangers, chorus, distortion, and frequency shifters
Comb filtering, grain delay, corpus, & tension
Signal processing and tonal balancing as a foundation of good sound design
Deep dives into Ableton's instruments: Analog, Operator, Sampler, and Wavetable
FM Synthesis, Granular Synthesis, Wavetable Synthesis, Modular Synthesis, and more

You will Get

Video lessons with 20+ hours of content
An organized and optimized curriculum
Mentorship via the Seed to Stage private Discord Server
Feedback on your compositions through the community
Loads of resources such as Samples and Ableton Templates
Educational discounts from Ableton & more
Lifetime access to continuous new content updated monthly
Lasting skills that will ignite and elevate your career!

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview Lessons

2.1 Editing Basics and Keyboard Shortcuts
4.2 Simpler FX & Designing Sounds in Stages
7.7 Ableton Analog Advanced Patch Ideas

2 - Working with Audio

2.1 Editing Basics and Keyboard Shortcuts
2.2 Basic Clip Editing (5:26)
2.3 Audio Warping Modes (13:05)
2.4 Warping with "Beats" Mode (7:34)
2.5 Resampling Workflow (8:31)
2.6 Clip Automation & Texture Warping(12:44)
2.7 Elastic Audio and Warp Markers (8:33)
2.8 Review: Putting it All Together into a Loop (16:49)

3 - Ableton Auto Filter

3.1 Basic Filtering and Filter Types (9:33)
3.2 Circuit Types (6:06)
3.3 Putting the Auto in Auto Filter (9:31)
3.4 Auto Filter Sidechaining (4:41)
3.5 Clip Automation with Autofilter (5:58)

4 - Ableton Simpler Intro

4.1 Simpler Sample Playback Controls (11:32)
4.2 Simpler FX & Designing Sounds in Stages (10:02)
4.3 Automation in Arrangement View (13:07)

5 - Synthesis 101 with Simpler

5.1 What is Subtractive Synthesis? (4:18)
5.2 Simpler Becomes an Oscillator (6:23)
5.3 Amp Stage: ADSR Envelopes (10:48)
5.4 Simpler Modulation: Filter Envelope (7:42)
5.5 Simpler Modulation: Low Frequency Oscillator (9:08)
5.6 Simpler Globals (9:29)

6 - Advanced Simpler Sound Design

6.1 Simpler One Shot Mode (9:10)
6.2 Simpler Slicer Mode (7:57)
6.3 Warping within Simpler (13:15)

7 - Ableton Analog

7.1 Ableton Analog Overview (4:37)
7.2 Ableton Analog Oscillators (16:47)
7.3 Ableton Analog Filter Section (14:45)
7.4 Ableton Analog Filter Routing (11:42)
7.5 Ableton Analog Amp Section (7:27)
7.7 Ableton Analog Advanced Patch Ideas (32:15)

8 - Sound Design with Delay and Echo

8.1 Ableton Delay 1: Overview (8:25)
8.2 Ableton Delay 2: Repitch Effects (14:36)
8.3 Ableton Delay 3: Fade and Jump (10:00)
8.4 Ableton Delay 4: Comb Filtering (7:09)
8.5 Ableton Echo Overview (13:17)
8.6 Ableton Echo 2: Modulation Section (10:55)
8.7 Ableton Echo 3: Character Section (12:03)
8.8 Ableton Echo 4: Echo Effect Design (14:34)

9 - FM Synthesis and Ableton Operator

9.1 What is FM Synthesis? (1:59)
9.2 Ableton Operator Overview (11:38)
9.3 Ableton Operator ...Operators! (20:45)
9.4 Ableton Operator Filter Section (8:20)
9.5 Operator LFO Section (7:53)
9.6 Ableton Pitch and Global Sections (14:52)
9.7 Ableton Operator Sound Design (30:44)

10 - Reverb and Ambience

10.1 Reverb, Resonance, and Ambience Intro (1:54)
10.2 Reverb and Realism (9:11)
10.3 Ableton Reverb Controls (16:14)
10.4 Ableton Reverb Freeze Effects (11:35)
10.5 Hybrid Reverb Overview (7:10)
10.6 Hybrid Reverb Algorithms (22:42)
10.6 Hybrid Reverb Algorithms (22:42)
10.7 Hybrid Reverb Convolution & Impulse Responses (19:22)
10.8 Hybrid Reverb Transition Sounds (11:20)
10.9 Hybrid Reverb Sound Design Examples (14:30)

11 - Signal Processing with Insert Effects and Chains

11.1 What is an Effect Chain? (3:22)
11.2 Chorus / Ensemble / Vibrato (14:41)
11.3 Phaser / Flanger / Doubler (10:17)
11.4 Frequency Shifter (8:55)
11.5 Ableton Overdrive (7:41)
11.6 Ableton Amp (9:16)
11.7 Ableton Redux (11:33)
11.8 Ableton Erosion (3:55)
11.9 Ableton Multiband Dynamics & OTT (8:44)
11.10 Ableton Saturator (18:15)
11.11 Glue Compressor (9:12)
11.12 Ableton EQ Eight (11:50)

12 - Audio Effect and Instrument Racks

12.1 Audio Effect Rack Overview (6:30)
12.2 The Chain List (10:13)
12.3 Rack Macros (9:25)
12.4 Multiband Processing Racks(13:32)
12.5 Instrument Rack Overview (12:24)
12.6 Random Preset Generators (16:38)

13 - Layering Concepts and Workflows

13.1 Melodic Layering (10:37)
13.2 Sub and "Mid" Bass Layering (6:43)
13.3 Snare Layering with Audio (8:13)
13.4 Snare Layering with Effects (9:09)
13.5 Foley Layers! (11:11)
13.6 Kick Drum Layering (10:48)

14 - Granular Synthesis with Granulator 2

14.1 What is Granular Synthesis? (2:22)
14.2 Granulator 2: Grains (12:05)
14.3 Granulator 2: Grain Modulation (17:03)
14.4 Granulator 2: Filters, Envelopes, Pitch, and FM (14:13)
14.5 Granulator 2: Sound Design Examples (21:48)
14.6 Granulator 2: Live Input! (9:10)

15 - Glitch and Buffer Effects

15.1 Beat Repeat (13:19)
15.2 Grain Delay (9:18)
15.3 Glitchmachines Fracture (17:21)
15.4 Buffer Shuffler (23:10)

16 - Sound Design Workflows

16.1 Workflows Intro (1:55)
16.2 The Checklist Approach Part 1 (12:43)
16.3 The Checklist Approach Part 2 (9:06)
16.4 From Sound Design to Composition(15:37)
16.5 Sound Design within a Composition (13:55)
16.6 Comping in Place Workflow (14:38)
16.7 Focused Synthesis Workflow (9:00)

17 - Wavetable Synthesis with Ableton Wavetable

17.1 Wavetable 1: Overview (6:47)
17.2 Wavetable 2: The Oscillator Section (12:45)
17.3 Wavetable 3: The Filter Section (5:02)
17.4 Wavetable 4: The Modulation Matrix (15:10)
17.5 Wavetable 5: Globals and Midi (13:06)
17.6 Wavetable 6: Sound Design Examples Pt. 1 (23:28)
17.7 Wavetable 7: Sound Design Examples Pt. 2 (22:22)
17.8 Wavetable 8: Roll Your Own Wavetables (23:26)

18 - Physical Modeling / Karplus Strong Synthesis

18.1 Karplus Strong Synthesis Intro (4:03)
18.2 Ableton Collision 1: Exciter Stage (10:19)
18.3 Ableton Collision 2: Resonator Stage (18:17)
18.4 Ableton Collision 3: 2nd Resonator, LFO, and MIDI (21:59)
18.5 Ableton Corpus (10:37)
18.6 Ableton Tension (32:11)

19 - Ableton Modular Expansion

19.1 The Envelope Midi Device (18:23)
19.2 The LFO Device (13:46)
19.3 Envelope Follower Device (7:37)
19.4 Shaper (12:35)
19.5 Expression Control (15:52)

20 - Ableton Sampler

20.1 Ableton Sampler Overview (3:41)
20.2 Ableton Sampler's ...Sample Page (9:24)
20.3 Ableton Sampler's Pitch / Osc Page (13:55)
20.4 Ableton Sampler Modulation Pages (12:19)
20.5 Ableton Sampler Selector Modulation (10:09)
20.6 Multisamples 1: Intro and Importing (13:24)
20.7 Multisamples 2: Correcting Root Notes (5:56)
20.8 Multisamples 3: Instrument Chains (9:40)
20.9 Multisamples 4: Acoustic Instruments from 1 Sample (17:19)
20.10 Multisamples 5: Velocity Zones (8:27)


The sound design course is amazing. Easy to follow, and easy to understand!
July, 2023
simon lahaie
Simon Lahaie
Best in depth Ableton courses out there! No doubt. Anthony really is an amazing teacher. He has a way of teaching that makes things much less complicated than they seem to be.
Not only does [the songwriting course] provide an extensive & thorough understanding of Ableton, but also includes music theory and numerous other musical concepts akin to a classical music training.
Anthony has such a laidback yet very informative teaching style. No matter what video I watch, I always take away at least one new technique or method to try out.
I would recommend the Seed To Stage courses to anyone who desires to get a handle on and up their game with Live.
August, 2023
..buckle in, buy the Mixing and Mastering course, watch a video every couple days, try to implement what you’ve learned, and you will be astonished at how much better your mixes will be sounding.
August, 2023
Graf Nautilus
I was amazed by the abundance of great ideas shared throughout, offering endless inspiration for creating music. The instructors' expertise shines through his explanations and demonstrations!
June, 2023
..using various DAWS for 20 years, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable on various functions, but doing this course has shown me how many little things you miss when you are self-taught by Youtube.
July, 2023
..if you are looking for the quickest way to get the learning out of the way and have the absolute time of your life creating music, feel the stoke and jump right in, you've found the right place.
The way he communicates knowledge is just awesome. I highly recommend the live looping course if you want to squeeze the best out of Ableton Live to improve your shows. It is a 5 star course for sure!
July, 2023
If you want to learn Ableton Live, you've reached your place of zen.
July, 2023
Both [the Live Performance & Pigments courses] are very thorough & go into great detail, covering basically anything you need to know. The information is well presented, & the videos don't get boring.
August, 2023
keith pimmel
Keith Pimmel
Anthony’s succinct yet substantive teaching style has proven to be a boon in helping digest a litany of topics across all the material he has released. I’m a big fan & can readily endorse the courses.
July, 2023
These courses, which are backed by the support of an amazing community, are the most complete and well structured that I have found. It has been worth the investment.
July, 2023
Echo Whiskey
Great teaching style, well laid out and downright INSPIRING!
July, 2023
Really in-depth, structured very well, absolutely professional content along with Anthony's great voice :D, humor are the best way for me to learn what I was always dreaming of.
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