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Songwriting & Composition in Ableton Live

In this exciting course, you'll learn the unique workflows I've developed with Ableton Live to create incredible and engaging music streamed millions of times!

I show how to get the musical ideas out of your head and into Ableton Live accurately, quickly, and with style. We go over tactics for pulling emotional responses from listeners, plus dive into beatmaking, music theory, and so much more!

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You will Learn

Composition workflows that move ideas out of your head and yield amazing music
Tactics that pull emotional responses out of your listeners
Song Structuring techniques for compelling results
Practical applications for Music Theory
Modern Beatmaking and Sampling
How to Master the Piano Roll
How to create Transitions and Fills to move energy
Finalization workflows for productivity

You will Get

Video lessons with 20+ hours of content
An organized and optimized curriculum
Mentorship via the Seed to Stage private Discord Server
Feedback on your compositions through the community
Loads of resources such as Samples and Ableton Templates
Educational discounts from Ableton & more
Lifetime access to continuous new content updated monthly
Lasting skills that will ignite and elevate your career!

Course Curriculum

Free Preview Lessons

6.3 Beatmaking 3: Ableton Grooves
19.1 Borrowing Elements
20.3 Rinse Repeat - Finalizing Arrangement Workflow

2 - Ableton: A Right and Left Brained DAW

2.1 Technical vs Philosophical (1:49)
2.2 Beginners Demonstration - Session View (8:33)
2.3 Beginners Demonstration - Arrangement View (5:22)

3 - Express Yourself!

3.1 The Basics: A Songwriters Dream Machine (13:40)
3.2 Composition Workflows (1:16)
3.3 Workflow 1: Clips and Phrases Pt.1 (9:54)
3.4 Workflow 1: Clips and Phrases Pt.2 (11:16)
3.5 Workflow 1: Clips and Phrases Pt.3 (9:04)
3.6 Workflow 2: Sound Collage Montage (23:04)
3.7 Workflow 3: Anchor Recording (13:23)

4 - The Challenge Begins

4.1 The 2 Week+ Songwriting Challenge (2:54)
4.2 Ableton File Organization! (9:24)
4.3 But Wait I Don't Have Sounds! (14:39)

5 - Composition Tools

5.1 How to use Ableton Simpler (10:05)
5.2 How to use Ableton Drum Rack (12:15)
5.3 Quantization! (12:16)
5.4 Fixing Audio Timing: Elastic Audio Warping (8:54)
5.5 Punch in and Punch Out (3:53)

6 - Beatmaking 101

6.1 Beatmaking 1: The Piano Roll (7:26)
6.2 Beatmaking 2: Velocity and Nudge (13:24)
6.3 Beatmaking 3: Ableton Grooves (12:50)
6.4 Beatmaking 4: Adding Reverb (5:24)

7 - Songcraft & Structure

7.1 Parts and Patterns (8:32)
7.2 Session to Arrangement: How to Structure Your Song (9:10)
7.3 Recording and Editing Audio Clips in Arrangement View
7.4 Automation in Arrangement View (11:20)
7.5 Recording Automation with Midi (7:52)
7.6 Exporting! (11:54)

8 - Community

8.1 Community Intro (2:27)
8.2 Getting and Giving Feedback (3:41)
8.3 Soundcloud Private Links (4:09)

9 - Beatmaking 2.0

9.1 Beatmaking 5: Audio Samples in Arrangement (9:57)
9.2 Beatmaking 6: Randomization(14:35)

10 - Inspiration Strikes!

10.1 Feed the Music: Inspiration and Lifestyle (2:59)
10.2 Inspiration Strikes! Always Record! (2:34)
10.3 Convert Captured Rhythms to Midi! (10:04)
10.4 Convert Captured Melodies to Midi! (9:45)
10.5 Convert Captured Chords to Midi! (4:51)

11 - Sampling

11.1 Intro to Sampling (1:23)
11.2 Workflow 1: Manual Sampling (12:33)
11.3 Workflow 2: Simpler Sample Slicing (11:59)
11.4 Workflow 3: Sample Auto Slicing (9:32)

12 - Creating Emotional Responses

12.1 What is Common Among All Great Music? (2:43)
12.2 Examining Emotional Responses in Music (10:23)

13 - Space and Time

13.1 The Business 1: Note Ranges (14:13)
13.2 The Business 2: The Piano Roll (8:07)
13.3 The Business 3: Rhythm and Syncopation (9:59)
13.4 The Business 4: Busy isn't bad, its a tool! (12:15)
13.5 Compositional Dynamics (17:58)
13.6 Transitions: Fills (22:09)
13.7 Transition Effects (14:39)

14 - Composition Tools 2.0

14.1 Comping & Takes (11:10)
14.2 Piano Roll Scales (10:05)
14.3 Piano Roll Random Velocity and Chance (13:14)

15 - A Little Music Theory Goes a Long Way

15.1 Introduction to Theory (1:23)
15.2 Scales (5:41)
15.3 Scales in Action (9:27)
15.3 Scales in Action (9:27)
15.4 Chord Formulas: How to Play Any Basic Chord (9:19)
15.5 Chord Progressions 1: The Diatonic Formula (5:05)
15.6 The Diatonic Chord Songwriting Chart!
15.7 Chord Progressions 2: Functional Harmony (6:24)
15.8 Chord Progressions 3: Secondary Dominants (8:49)
15.9 Chord Progressions 4: Inversions and Voicings (14:22)
15.10 Chord Progressions 5: Borrowed Chords (5:50)
15.11 Borrowed Chords Songwriting Chart!

16 - Melodies and Hooks

16.1 Writing Melodies 1: Chord Tones (11:15)
16.2 Writing Melodies 2: The Hook (9:43)
16.3 Writing Melodies 3: Ableton Hook Workflow (8:43)
16.4 Writing Melodies 4: Reharmonization Workflow (14:48)

17 - Compositional Layering

17.1 Intro into Layering (1:20)
17.2 Basic Layering Techniques (10:11)
17.3 More Layering Techniques - Racks and Freeze (11:41)
17.4 Drum Layering Techniques (9:44)
17.5 Creating Harmonies with Midi Effects (7:44)

18 - The Quest for Originality: Tempo and Clock

18.1 Odd Timing Signatures 1: Intro (2:35)
18.2 Odd Timing Sigs 2: Ableton Integration (9:30)
18.3 Odd Timing Sigs 3: Writing Odd Timing Riffs (14:39)
18.4 The Triplet Grid! (6:52)
18.5 Polymeters (4:00)
18.6 Poly Rhythms (6:54)

19 - Writing B, C, and D Parts: Escaping the Loop!

19.1 Borrowing Elements (8:13)
19.2 Doubling Down in Unison (4:25)
19.3 Easy Key Changes (7:43)
19.4 Sub Part Variations (8:05)

20 - Actually Finishing Songs?

20.1 The Composition / Songwriting Roadmap (2:12)
20.2 Objectivity (3:59)
20.3 Rinse Repeat - Finalizing Arrangement Workflow (5:33)
16.4 Writing Melodies 4: Reharmonization Workflow (14:48)

21 - Taking the Ear for a Ride

21.1 Arrangement Layout and Organization (8:39)
21.2 Less is More (16:58)
21.3 Adding Variations: Fills and Voicings (29:46)
21.4 Adding Variations: New Chords and Leads (8:11)
21.5 Using Session View within an Arrangement (11:16)
21.6 Compositional Automation (18:41)


I am getting great value from this course concerning Ableton Live 12. Professor Anthony not only shows you the software, but shows several real life concepts!
Really in-depth, structured very well, absolutely professional content along with Anthony's great voice :D, humor are the best way for me to learn what I was always dreaming of.
The courses gave me the fundamental understanding of how a Ableton Live works, and how I can utilize that in my own production, and in my own career, Seed To Stage gave me that opportunity.
July, 2023
I bought the Live Performance and Arturia Pigments course and I really enjoyed both! They are very thorough and the information is presented in an engaging way so it doesn't get boring.
Paul McM
..Anthony has recently updated and added to the content of all the courses with the new Live version 12 additions. All part of the membership, which also sets S2S apart from the rest.
Jason Jeffery
Far and away the most comprehensive Ableton course there is. Cannot recommend enough.
These courses are truly amazing. They have helped me bring my compositions to a level I never thought I would be capable of. Highly recommend for anyone looking to step their game up!
August, 2023
Incredible teacher and methodology. Directly to the useful tips without circling around. Very interactive and useful for all types of artists.
July, 2023
Graf Nautilus
I was amazed by the abundance of great ideas shared throughout, offering endless inspiration for creating music. The instructors' expertise shines through his explanations and demonstrations!
June, 2023
joshua nelson
Joshua Nelson
The information I get is legit, and the instructor covers everything I’ll need to know about my craft. The lessons are concise and well thought out so I can learn most proficiently.
James Davis
Anthony is a gifted teacher and does a fantastic job of presenting the information about Ableton Live in his own unique style. The courses are very broad in scope and leave no stone unturned.
Cody Lucas
[Before Seed To Seed], I had been feeling stuck on a plateau with my ability to produce the music in my head, and I have felt a renewed inspiration and excitement for doing something I love.
July, 2023
The sound design course is amazing. Easy to follow, and easy to understand!
July, 2023
Rise Bailey Rise
I love the Seed to Stage courses. So much good quality information, presented in a clear understandable way with great real world examples.
July, 2023
[In the Discord community], we were able to immediately realize how great it is to share, give feedback, 14 day challenge one another, and even collaborate.
July, 2023
These courses, which are backed by the support of an amazing community, are the most complete and well structured that I have found. It has been worth the investment.
July, 2023
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