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Mixing and Mastering in Ableton Live

This robust course is designed to not only teach you how to use Ableton Live to mix and master professional, release ready music, but to also learn the underlying concepts so you can apply the skills to any mixing environment or DAW.

We go over the fundamentals such as Balance, EQ, Automation, the Stereo Field, Dynamics, Saturation, Home studio Treatment, Recording Techniques, and Mastering. But we also get into synergistic effect combos and unique modern workflows to get your mixes sounding incredible.This robust course is designed to not only teach you how to use Ableton Live to mix and master music, but to also learn the underlying concepts so you can apply the skills to any mixing environment or DAW.

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You will Learn

Modern mixing techniques used by the pros
Critical listening and how to identify issues
Best practices for tonally balancing a mix
How to use the stereo field for maximum width and feel
Creating space using reverb, delay, and echo
Dynamic control with compressors, gates, and limiters
Harmonic overtone processing with saturation, distortion, and soft clipping
Advanced techniques for mastering, studio treatment, etc

You will Get

Video lessons with 20+ hours of content
An organized and optimized curriculum
Mentorship via the Seed to Stage private Discord Server
Feedback on your compositions through the community
Loads of resources such as Samples and Ableton Templates
Educational discounts from Ableton & more
Lifetime access to continuous new content updated monthly
Lasting skills that will ignite and elevate your career!

Course Curriculum

Free Preview Lessons

3.6 Level Up: Metering RMS and Peak
4.4 EQ Eight 4: Treating Resonant Peaks with Audition Mode
6.3 Designing Space with Reverb (Deep Dive)

2 - Mixing 101

2.1 Critical Listening (2:14)
2.2 Your Audio System (3:18)
2.3 Our Time: Modern Mixing (2:46)
2.4 Prescriptions and Mixing Myths (5:07)

3 - Blend and Balance

3.1 Blend and Balance Intro (0:57)
3.2 A Balancing Act with Ableton (3:53)
3.3 A Balancing Act with Ableton: Results (6:07)
3.4 Understanding Signal Flow in Ableton Live (4:50)
3.5 Loudness vs Gain vs Volume / Intro to Gain Staging (8:00)
3.6 Level Up: Metering RMS and Peak (4:05)
3.7 Best Practices Moving Forward
3.8 Session and Arrangement View (2:36)
3.9 Lets Get Organized (10:59)

4 - Equalization

4.1 EQ Eight 1: Overview and Filter Modes (8:33)
4.2 EQ Eight 2: The Frequency Spectrum (11:28)
4.3 EQ Eight 3: The Spectrum Analyzer in Action (14:38)
4.4 EQ Eight 4: Treating Resonant Peaks with Audition Mode (18:18)
4.5 EQ Eight 5: EQ for Conflicting Tracks (13:39)
4.6 EQ Eight 6: Scale Carving Trick (7:25)
4.7 EQ Eight 7: Lets EQ a Mix! (17:34)
4.8 The "Solo" Switch (3:25)

5 - The Stereo Field

5.1 Understanding Panning (7:32)
5.2 Review: Panning in Action (15:04)
5.3 Widening 1: Izotope Imager Metering (11:49)
5.4 Widening 2: How Width is Made (6:15)
5.5 Widening 3: Haas Delay and Comb Filtering (27:20)
5.6 Widening 4: EQ Eight L/R Mode (7:43)
5.7 Widening 5: EQ Eight M/S Mode (15:41)
5.8 Widening 6: Modulation Effects for Adding Width (16:36)
5.9 Working with Stereo Image in a Mix (20:34)

6 - Returns: Reverb, Delay, and Beyond

6.1 Space Commander: Designing Space (2:13)
6.2 The Return Tracks (12:21)
6.3 Designing Space with Reverb (Deep Dive) (18:10)
6.4 Using Reverb for Widening (14:57)
6.5 Ableton Delay Deep Dive (17:17)
6.6 Ableton Echo Deep Dive (21:02)
6.7 Adding Subtle Reverb for Realism (12:53)
6.8 Hybrid Reverb Deep Dive (21:21)

7 - Automation

7.1 Automation: A Living and Breathing Mix
7.2 Views and Workflows (6:48)
7.3 Automation Techniques (17:47)
7.4 Automation in Action (13:02)

8 - Dynamics Processing

8.1 Intro to Compression (1:55)
8.2 Compressor 1: Threshold & Volume Compensation (13:02)
8.3 Compressor 2: Ratio, Attack, Release, and more (21:22)
8.4 Compressor 3: Using Compressor as an Auto Volume Control (6:15)
8.5 Compressor 4: Using Compressor as a De-Esser (5:12)
8.6 Compressor 5: Side-Chain Processing (13:36)
8.7 Compressor 6: Compressor as an Expander (7:19)
8.8 Glue Compressor vs Compressor (12:38)
8.9 Ableton Gate (8:36)
8.10 Inverse Gating Your Effect Sends (5:53)
8.11 Multiband Dynamics 1: Multiband Downward Compression (19:11)
8.12 Multiband Dynamics 2: Add Punch with Upward Expansion (10:15)
8.13 Multiband Dynamics 3: Multiband Upward Compression (8:24)
8.14 Multiband Dynamics 4: Downward Expansion Gating (5:41)
8.15 Multiband Dynamics 5: The Infamous OTT Preset (12:21)
8.16 Limiting with Ableton Limiter (15:10)
8.17 Should I Mix into a Limiter? (3:38)

9 - Saturation and Harmonic Distortion

9.1 Why would I Want Distortion in My Mix? (1:55)
9.2 Ableton Saturator Overview (11:27)
9.3 Using Saturator in a Mix (9:31)
9.4 Peak Clipping: Saturator's Dirty Little Secret (15:15)
9.5 Ableton Overdrive to the Rescue! (17:05)
9.6 Saturation for Width (8:50)

10 - Referencing

10.1 What is Referencing and Why You Should. (1:52)
10.2 Referencing Workflow & Voxengo SPAN (13:03)

11 - Home Studio Setup and Sound Treatment

11.1 Intro: Lost in Translation (1:44)
11.2 Understanding the Problem (6:39)
11.3 Room Layout: Listener and Speaker Placement (7:45)
11.4 Testing Room Layouts with Ableton (7:01)
11.5 Can't I just Mix on Headphones? (5:04)
11.6 Sound Treatment 1: Early Reflections (6:12)
11.7 Sound Treatment 2: Bass Traps (6:36)
11.8 Sound Treatment 3: Diffusers (4:04)
11.9 Seed to Stage Studio Treatment Walkthrough (8:33)

12 - Mastering and Limiting

12.1 Understanding the Role of Mastering (4:13)
12.2 The Almighty Peak Limiter (3:03)
12.3 Loudness 1: Normalization vs Loudness Units (8:50)
12.4 Mastering w/ Ableton's Limiter and Youlean Meter (free option) (8:59)
12.5 Limiting with Ozone Maximizer (15:27)
12.6 Limiting with Fabfilter Pro-L2 (8:22)
12.7 Loudness Targets & The Loudness Wars (8:17)
12.8 Mastering EQ 1: Baxandall EQ with Free CORAL BAX-TER (20:11)
12.9 Mastering EQ 2: Bass and Loudness (13:31)
12.10 Mastering EQ 3: Treble and Loudness (11:57)
12.11 Pro Exporting 1: Sample Rates and Intermodulation Distortion (21:52)
12.12 Pro Exporting 2: Bit Depth and Dithering (20:22)

13 - Bus Processing & Top Down Mixing

13.1 Getting Organized with Grouping (13:12)
13.2 Top Down Mixing: Mix Bus EQ (22:06)
13.3 Top Down Mixing 2: Mix Bus Stereo Width (13:27)
13.4 Bus Processing 1: Bus Compression (25:55)
13.5 Bus Processing 2: Bus Saturation (19:34)
13.6 Bus Processing 3: Drum Buss (13:17)

14 - Advanced Side Chaining

14.1 Envelopes vs Ableton Compressor (10:57)
14.2 Ableton Envelope as a Side Chain Compressor (19:05)
14.3 Xfer LFO Tool as a Side Chain Compressor (15:20)

15 - Audio Split Rack Processing

15.1 The Anatomy of an Audio Signal (2:01)
15.2 Mid / Side Processing Rack (16:03)
15.3 Building Multiband Split Racks (NERDY) (16:57)
15.4 Multiband Split Racks in Use! (23:31)
15.5 Dry / Wet Rack (9:03)


Both [the Live Performance & Pigments courses] are very thorough & go into great detail, covering basically anything you need to know. The information is well presented, & the videos don't get boring.
August, 2023
I would recommend the Seed To Stage courses to anyone who desires to get a handle on and up their game with Live.
August, 2023
circul & eas
Circul & Eas
It may feel like “Why should I spend money on this information when I can get it for free?” I thought that too. The answer, if you want one, is simply: “Because it is better."
Graf Nautilus
I was amazed by the abundance of great ideas shared throughout, offering endless inspiration for creating music. The instructors' expertise shines through his explanations and demonstrations!
June, 2023
Echo Whiskey
Great teaching style, well laid out and downright INSPIRING!
July, 2023
Paul McM
..Anthony has recently updated and added to the content of all the courses with the new Live version 12 additions. All part of the membership, which also sets S2S apart from the rest.
The video material is HIGH QUALITY, everything is taught in an order that makes perfect sense, and the Discord community IS SO HELPFUL (plus Anthony is just as active as all the regular members)!
Anthony has such a laidback yet very informative teaching style. No matter what video I watch, I always take away at least one new technique or method to try out.
joshua nelson
Joshua Nelson
The information I get is legit, and the instructor covers everything I’ll need to know about my craft. The lessons are concise and well thought out so I can learn most proficiently.
I am getting great value from this course concerning Ableton Live 12. Professor Anthony not only shows you the software, but shows several real life concepts!
Anthony has an effective teaching style and a knack for explaining complex topics in an easily digestible manner. Expensive, but worth every penny.
Cody Lucas
[Before Seed To Seed], I had been feeling stuck on a plateau with my ability to produce the music in my head, and I have felt a renewed inspiration and excitement for doing something I love.
July, 2023
Very good Structure. Everything makes sense through the learning journey. Nothing is left to chance! You will have no regret at all.
[In the Discord community], we were able to immediately realize how great it is to share, give feedback, 14 day challenge one another, and even collaborate.
July, 2023
Best in the business. I always learn something new from the channel on Youtube, and investing in the courses was well worth it. A gifted communicator and teacher.
These courses, which are backed by the support of an amazing community, are the most complete and well structured that I have found. It has been worth the investment.
July, 2023
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